About Us

Who are we?

PairConnex is an SME from Montreal (Canada) created in 2013 and specializes in smart matchmaking. First marketed as a solution in the field of recruitment, the concept was quickly adapted to other sectors, notably in the field of networking events.

Its innovative platform can be adapted to any matchmaking project, with more than twenty customizable modules, depending on the nature and objectives of the client. At the base of its technology: a robust matchmaking algorithm that automatically collects and analyzes data, in a bidirectional fashion, in order to establish compatibility and/or complementarity between people, concepts, or companies. The algorithm allows a complete configuration of the matching criteria, according to the objectives of each project.

With the COVID-19 crisis occurring in March 2020, PairConnex was among the first companies in its industry to offer a virtual networking solution. Its differentiation is simple: beyond passive conferences and webinars, a good virtual event should always include possibilities for interaction and exchange between participants.

Demonstrating resilience and agility, the team has thus developed a series of new features that make it possible to offer a variety of events: customizable agendas, easy integration of external technologies for webcasting and videoconferencing, speed networking activities, networking, discussion groups, co-development sessions, virtual kiosks, private networking lounges and, a self-service networking module that allows users to plan their own meeting agenda. Smart matchmaking recommendations are still present behind all these features, which helps create a different and effective tool.

This shift has allowed PairConnex to position itself as a leader in virtual networking. Since the start of the pandemic, the company has worked with its customers to deliver events that have brought together thousands of attendees. These users have benefited from thousands of activities, virtual meetings, and online kiosks.

But behind all these projects, the objective of PairConnex remains the same: it is not enough to create opportunities for meetings and discussions between the participants, it is above all necessary to succeed in making relevant and useful connections.

PairConnex is the 2019 winner of the Young Business Award of the Quebec association for technologies (AQT) and regularly speaks for training sessions and conferences on networking with groups of entrepreneurs, business people, and young professionals.

Objectives, mission and strategic targets

PairConnex aims to put smart matchmaking within reach of everyone.

There is a growing demand for tools that can generate tailor-made recommendations for a customer’s unique needs, but those tools generally require the programming of a unique system, which is costly and can rarely be transferred or easily modified to another project.

That’s what makes PairConnex so special. It’s a stable, affordable, and customizable web application that can drive any smart matchmaking project.

This software as a service technology model (SaaS) fits all kinds of business applications. It’s basically a useful tool to assess compatibility between various types of elements.

What Is Smart Matchmaking?

Smart matchmaking starts with collecting and analyzing the right set of data to identify the best possible ways to match various types of elements.

  • This matchmaking is usually done through computer algorithms, making a quick and easy process out of repetitive data processing.
  • Matchmaking can be a mere association of one element to another (pairing) or complex associations between many elements within a group (clustering).
  • Matches are usually made between people, but other things can be matched, such as businesses, products, objects, etc.
  • The key to smart matchmaking is the capacity to compile the right set of data to find a common ground to compare elements to each other.
  • You can also set filters on matchmaking to steer the results towards a desired target.

Smart Matchmaking Example

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