Personal Information Notice


Last updated: [September 25, 2023]

This notice outlines how PairConnex Inc. (“PairConnex,” “we”) collects, processes, uses and shares personal information and data concerning users of the PairConnex Smart Networking Platform (the “Platform.”) The use of the second person (“you,” “your,” “yours”) refers to a Platform user.

The term “personal information” refers to information regarding an individual that is identifiable.

The contact details of the individual who manages personal information are as follows:

Guillaume Fortin
CP 103, succ. Anjou
Montreal (Quebec) H1K 4G5


We collect and use personal information on behalf of our clients, who are the organizers or administrators of events, activities and groups that use the Platform to facilitate matchmaking and networking (the “Activities.") We do not process data collected through the Platform other than to provide services to our clients. They have access to all personal information processed through the Platform and largely control the data processing.

For further details, please consult this notice.

1.     Quick links

1.     Liens rapides

2.     Fondement du traitement

3.     Collecte des données

4.     Utilisation des données

5.     Conservation des données

6.     Communication des données

7.     Vos droits à l’égard de vos données

8.     Modifications à cet avis

2.    Grounds for processing data

§   We process your personal information based on instructions provided by our clients.

§   We may process certain personal information with your consent.

§   We process personal information based solely on our legitimate interests to ensure Platform maintenance and the security of exchanges on the Platform.

3.     Data collection

3.1.           Your information that we collect

We collect the personal information you provide to the organizer of an Activity through the Platform interface, which may include the data described below:

Information category

Intended purpose

Your contact details

-         First and last name

-         Job title

-         Email address

-         Cellphone number

-         Company’s name

-         Company’s town/city

-         Company’s country

-         Website

-         LinkedIn

-         Twitter

-         Facebook business page

-         Mailing address

-         Show my information

-         Save my resume

-         Time zone

Identify yourself to the organizer.

Communicate with you.

Your questionnaire answers submitted by the Activity organizer.

Completion of your user profile.

Smart matchmaking


3.2.           Automatically collected information

We collect certain information automatically while you use the Platform, including the data described below:

Information category

Intended purpose

§   The device’s operating system and language

§   The IP address from which a device accesses the Platform      

§   Data logging

Platform maintenance and security

3.3.           Information automatically collected or generated as part of an Activity

The Platform contains tools to determine certain areas of interest and compatibility between multiple Activity participants. This data is linked to your Platform profile and is used to match you with other participants in a networking context.

3.4.           Tracking technologies

We use browser cookies   and other tracking technologies to improve the Platform performance and personalize your experience while using the Platform. In your browser settings, you can manage which browser cookies are stored. If you completely disable the storage of cookies, certain Platform features may no longer be available.

4.     Data use

We use your personal information for the purposes indicated below.

4.1.           Communicating with you

We use your contact information to send you communications through the Platform from the organizer of an Activity.

4.2.           Smart matchmaking

We use the personal information included in your profile to determine, using algorithms and other automated methods, which other participants in an Activity you may have the most affinity with or with whom a networking event could be most valuable. The matching criteria are partly determined by the Activity organizer or by user-controlled parameters.

The information contained in your profile in relation to a specific Activity is used solely for the purposes of that Activity. If you participate in several Activities using the Platform, you will be required to create multiple profiles which are independent of each other.

4.3.           Platform maintenance and security

We use data collected through the Platform and data from analytics tools to monitor overall use of the Platform by users, prevent misuse of the Platform, identify issues or bugs in the Platform, and determine which features to enhance. We may use certain automatically collected data to ensure the security of the Platform and of our IT systems (to prevent or stop misuse or fraud, for example).

5.     Data retention

5.1.           Data storage

We store the personal information collected according to the instructions provided by the Activity organizers.

The personal information collected is stored electronically by our service providers on servers located in Canada.   

Some data is processed by our service providers using facilities that may be located in jurisdictions outside of Canada. See Section 6.2 for further details.

The data generated by Google Analytics is stored on servers managed by Google.   

5.2.           Security

Your personal information is stored on servers managed by our service providers and is protected using security measures that meet industry standards   aimed at preventing unauthorized disclosure, modification and use.

Our employees and suppliers are informed of the confidential nature of the personal information collected through the Platform and are made aware of the appropriate security measures to prevent unauthorized access to personal information.

We do not control the security measures implemented by the Activity organizers, who have access to your personal information through the Platform and may make copies of it.

6.     Data communication

We will only share your personal information as described in this notice based on instructions provided by our clients and where we have obtained your consent. Your personal information may be communicated to the categories of individuals described below for the purposes mentioned.

6.1.           Our employees

The personal information collected is available to our company officers and employees who must access the data for the use indicated in this notice.

6.2.           Our service providers

We share certain personal information with service providers to enable us to provide our services in a more efficient manner. These suppliers enter into confidentiality agreements that cover the personal information provided to them and which they process for us. In some cases, these suppliers may process data for their own purposes as described below.




Data processing locations

Useful links

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure provides us with data-hosting services, processes our data solely for the purpose of providing services to us, and is committed to ensuring data privacy and security.



Microsoft Online Services Data Protection Addendum:


Whereby (Video Communication Services AS)

When you choose to use the Whereby videoconferencing service, certain personal information will be shared with Whereby.

Whereby processes your personal information in accordance with its own policies.


Ireland, United States

Privacy Policy:

Google, LLC

We use Google Analytics services on the Platform. We use Google services to analyze Platform use by users when they complete a questionnaire in order to create a profile. However, your answers are not sent to Google.  


Google Analytics provides information regarding the behaviour of Platform users including information from browser cookies that allow Google to collect information about certain events such as the webpages you visit, the length of a session and the products you view.



United States

Google Privacy Policy:


Google's use of data from third-party sites:


Opt-out tool: .


Twilio is a cloud communication platform that allows us to engage clients via SMS.

United States


Privacy Policy:


Website Privacy Notice:



Stripe is a payment processing software.

Ireland, United States


Privacy Policy - Canada


6.3.           Our legal obligations

We may also disclose the personal information we collect to third parties if expressly permitted or required by law, or if we are required to do so by a competent authority. We may disclose personal information for the purposes of legal proceedings where necessary to protect our rights or those of our users.

6.4.           Company transfer

In the event that all or part of our company is to be sold or restructured, we may share the personal information we collect with the individuals or organizations involved before and after the transaction, whether or not it is finalized. In this case, such individuals and organizations undertake to maintain the confidentiality of the personal information collected and to use it exclusively for the purpose of evaluating the feasibility or advisability of the transaction and in accordance with this notice.

7.     Your rights regarding your data

We process your personal information on behalf of our clients. In most situations, you must therefore contact our client to exercise your rights regarding your personal information. Where applicable, we will forward your requests to our clients, but we cannot guarantee that they will act on such requests. We are not authorized by our clients to communicate directly with users regarding the personal information that is processed through the Platform.

7.1.           Accessing your data

You can view and change certain personal information that we hold using the Platform interface. You can also request that the Activity organizer do so.

7.2.           Withdrawing consent or objection

Using the Platform, you may remove your personal information to put an end to its use.

If you wish to withdraw your consent to the processing of your personal information beyond what is permitted by the Platform, please notify us by emailing You may also object to the processing of your personal information on the basis of our legitimate interests. However, when you continue to use the Platform, you cannot prevent the processing of your personal information. The only way to prevent PairConnex from processing your personal information is to stop using the Platform.

To withdraw your consent to the processing of your data by an Activity organizer, you must contact the organizer directly. Deleting your data from our systems does not guarantee that the Activity organizer will no longer have access.

7.3.           Requesting data deletion

You may request the deletion of the personal information that we hold where it is not necessary for us to retain it. To submit such a request, you must contact the organizer of the Activity in question.

However, if you continue to use the Platform, we will collect certain personal information once more.

7.4.           Filing a complaint

Our company is governed by the legislation and regulations in force in Quebec and Canada and is subject to the jurisdiction of the Quebec and Canadian privacy rights authorities.

The legislation and regulations applicable in your jurisdiction of residence may allow you to file a complaint with a supervisory or overseeing authority with jurisdiction. Otherwise, complaints or claims based on this notice or on our processing of your personal information should be addressed to the Quebec or Canadian authorities.

7.5.           Verifications

We may verify the identity of individuals seeking access to their personal information. Any information collected so as to conduct this verification will not be used for any other purpose.

8.     Privacy Policy Regarding Our Communications and Marketing Efforts

This section does not pertain to platform and mobile application users.

At PairConnex, we recognize the importance of safeguarding your personal data and ensuring your privacy at every step of your visit to our website. This privacy policy is intended to inform you about how we collect, use, share, and protect your personal information.

1. Collection of Personal Information
When you use, we may collect personal information such as your name, email address, phone number, location, and other data you choose to provide us. We collect this information transparently and solely for the purpose of guiding you towards the best products and services related to your business needs.

2. Use of Personal Information and Communication Consent
We use your personal information to provide you with our services, to personalize our recommendations for optimal platform configuration, and to communicate with you regarding updates, promotions, or other relevant information. Your data is also used to ensure the security of our platform and users, including fraud prevention and malicious activities. We may securely store and process your personal data, and we will only use your personal information if we have obtained your explicit consent.

3. Withdrawal of Consent
At any time, you are invited to unsubscribe from our communications by withdrawing your consent, which you can do by contacting us via email at:

9.     Changes to this notice

We may make changes to this notice from time to time to reflect changes in our personal information processing practices. In the event that changes are made, the updated notice will be available on our website at [] and [].