Smart matchmaking tools for professional

For Professional/Trade Groups: Integrate Smart Matchmaking to Your Existing Customer Database

You work for a trade group or a group of professionals and you’d like to offer your members new value-added services. You’re also looking for new income streams to fund your group’s operations. One great way to achieve this is to make smart matchmaking part of your services and activities.

  • Smart directory
  • Appointment scheduling app
  • Assistance to event planners
  • Mentoring program
  • Coaching program
  • Marketing targeting
  • Optimized floor planning
  • Meeting recommendation service
  • Automatic diagnostic / Self-diagnostic for members
  • Optimized networking activity
  • Virtual concierge
  • Service recommendations / guidance counselling

Smart Matchmaking is about gathering relevant data about the members of your group and using that data to create activities and services that serve them best. Data is usually gathered when a member joins or renews their membership by filling out a form or answering a survey. The information gathered can then be used to create matches between members (through networking and codevelopment) or to recommend products or services offered by your organization.

It’s a way for your group to go digital and offer value-added services to its members by folding the PairConnex smart matchmaking tool into your products and services. The tool gets customized to your every need through a web app that can be run remotely, without installation. It aligns with your existing database, no need to rebuild it or modify the processes and methods of your team. PairConnex works alongside your CRM and ERP processes to make your organization even more relevant to its members.

Smart Matchmaking will make the services and activities you have to offer even more appealing to the members of your organization. This should lead to an increase in revenue that more than makes up for what you’ll invest in setting up our matchmaking tool.

Contact us now to discover how your organization could benefit from enhancing its services through smart matchmaking.

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