Customized Smart Matchmaking

Customized Smart Matchmaking Project

You want to start a new smart matchmaking project and you’re looking for the matchmaking technology that will get your project off the ground. The search is over! PairConnex will be your partner as you develop your own matching tool.

  • Matching Tool
  • Introduction Site
  • Compatibility Assessment
  • Complementarity Assessment
  • Meeting App
  • Matchmaking Website
  • Matchmaking Tool
  • Single Matchmaking Project
  • Networking Solution
  • Etc.

There is no need to develop a matching tool from scratch when you can use an existing, fully customizable tool that fits your project. With PairConnex, content, visuals, criteria and filters are all tailored to your unique needs. Our work spans the gathering of data (through forms, questionnaires and imported databases), the analysis of similarity and dissemblance to establish compatibility and complementarity, and the generation of final reports customized to your project. Our tried and tested matchmaking algorithms are at the service of your matchmaking process, saving you all the work of programming your own.

Not sure if your project is a good fit for PairConnex’s smart matchmaking technology? Here are a few examples of possible projects:

  • A recruitment site
  • A dating app
  • A networking tool for professionals
  • A teambuilding solution
  • A buyer’s guide
  • A business acquisition web page
  • Listings of experts and services
  • Etc.

PairConnex will lead to a faster development of your project and all the benefits of using an advanced, tried and tested technology. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. We’ll be the engine of your matchmaking tool and we will allow you to save time and money in the execution of your project. The data will remain confidential during the entire process and you remain its sole proprietor.

We are ready to handle your matchmaking project! Let’s make it a resounding success!

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