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Working with PairConnex on a smart matchmaking project

Collaborating with PairConnex on a matchmaking project generally involves the following steps:

  1. Preliminary meeting – to understand the requirements of the project
  2. Establishing criteria and matchmaking filters
  3. Content editing – questionnaires and written material to send out
  4. Inserting content in your PairConnex dashboard
  5. Data collection – questionnaire is sent out
  6. Matchmaking period
  7. Matchmaking results and reports are produced

These steps will vary based on project type and duration. Some clients will want ongoing matchmaking, others will need a project simple enough that a preliminary meeting is unnecessary. We will guide you and walk you through every step of the process, whatever the level of complexity, to deliver a high-quality matchmaking project.

Who Are We?

The technology behind PairConnex has been evolving ever since and can now adapt to every client’s specific needs. All our projects start with the gathering of crucial information through questionnaires built out of fully customized models. Each question is linked to our similarity/disparity algorithms to efficiently spot elements that are compatible and complementarity. The results are synthesized in a series of reports, customizable as well, that allow you to view, understand and fully control the matches generated, whether in pairs or in clusters.

We’ve partnered with clients in dozens of fields, from business networking and HR to event planning, consulting services and sales analysis to adapt to customers’ needs.

In other words, if repetitive decisions must be made against many factors and assessment criteria, we will automate the gathering and processing of the data to make the entire process more reliable, more precise, more consistent, and lightning fast!

PairConnex was awarded the Parcours Jeune Entreprise award for 2019 by the Association québécoise de technologies (AQT) and has been developing the networking training materials for the Ecole des entrepreneurs du Quebec. Since 2017, we’ve been taking part in creating, organizing and matching networking activities for the Business Clans of the Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal. Our projects took us all the way to Europe, where PairConnex has been provider for a B2B meeting solution at the Rencontres d’affaires francophones, the largest multisector trade meeting in France. PairConnex has become the matchmaking solution behind dozens of projects and events around the world.

Objectives, mission and strategic targets

PairConnex aims to put smart matchmaking within reach of everyone. There is a growing demand for tools that can generate tailor-made recommendations for a customer’s unique needs, but those tools generally require the programming of a unique system, which is costly and can rarely be transferred or easily modified to another project.

That’s what makes PairConnex so special. It’s a stable, affordable and customizable web application that can drive any smart matchmaking project.

This software as a service technology model (SaaS) fits all kinds of business applications. It’s basically a useful tool to assess compatibility between various types of elements.

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