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Targeted Networking with the PairConnex B2B Matchmaking Platform

Activité de jumelage B2B réalisée grâce à PairConnex

In the last year, PairConnex has added a new string to its bow! A new, unique networking tool based on smart matchmaking that enables participants at an event to organize meetings with other participants. This tool, simply called “B2B matchmaking platform,” is ideal for large events, conventions and trade shows that want to offer their participants a simple and, most importantly, “smart” networking solution.

The concept is simple:

  1. As soon as participants sign up for an event, the tool will automatically send them a preparatory questionnaire;
  2. This white-label questionnaire, which can be entirely customized to suit the event’s image, collects information about the participants, such as:
    • Checking the accuracy of the information on their profile;
    • Questions regarding each participant’s goals and matchmaking needs, such as the type of people they would like to meet.
    • All matchmaking criteria are chosen and customized by the organizers directly, according to their preferences and the theme of the event;
    • This questionnaire can also be used to ask for additional information, such as workshop preferences and whether any allergies need to be taken into account for meals.
  3. Finally, at the agreed upon time, a personal dashboard is generated and sent to every participant. This dashboard includes:
    • The list of all participants organized according to the meeting recommendations generated by PairConnex’s smart matchmaking algorithm.
    • A descriptive page for each recommended meeting, including all the information, contact details and a thorough explanation of the reasons for the recommendation.
    • An appointment module that allows participants to send and receive invitations from other participants. When a meeting is confirmed, the tool automatically assigns a table number for the meeting in the event’s B2B space.
    • A schedule for the day that includes conferences, assigned workshops and, most importantly, the confirmed networking meetings.

PairConnex is the only tool capable of analyzing every participant’s profile to make personalized matchmaking recommendations based on compatibility. Not only will your participants be able to organize meetings amongst themselves, but they will also be able to use PairConnex’s personalized analyses to make the most of their meetings. When your data has been collected, the algorithm suggests which participants to meet and explains the reasons for the recommendations. This ordered list of meeting recommendations is undeniably superior to lists of participants in alphabetical order or filtering by keyword (tag), as some tools are offering. This smart matchmaking offers greater meeting precision and ultimately, greater participant satisfaction.

Do you already use an event app but want to implement smart matchmaking as well? PairConnex’s smart matchmaking platform can be connected to the interface of another app. Thanks to our API, the matchmaking data can be sent to your supplier’s technology automatically. PairConnex is compatible with the event apps already on the market.

PairConnex API

Not only is B2B matchmaking an undeniable advantage for your participants, but it also generates new revenue opportunities for your event. Take the opportunity to find a sponsor for the B2B space where the meetings will be held, or plan a special advantage for your partners who take a meeting using the platform. These are the little details that the sponsors and partners of this type of event really appreciate.

Over the last year, PairConnex’s B2B matchmaking platform has been used at various events, including:

B2B Meetings by PairConnex
B2B Space by PairConnex

Would you like to offer an effective networking solution based on smart networking to participants at an event you’re planning? Do you want to integrate smart matchmaking into an event app that you’re selling? Would you like to find out more about this unique solution? Don’t hesitate to contact PairConnex to discuss it!

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