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How PairConnex created value-added business connections during the 17th edition of AQT’s Big Bang event

Organized by the Association québécoise des technologies (AQT), the 2019 Big Bang event used PairConnex’s matchmaking algorithm to breathe new life into its 17th edition.

During the event, which took place on October 16 and 17 at the Saint-Hyacinthe Convention Center, AQT decided to set up a pilot project that matched attendees with one another. Organizers used the PairConnex matchmaking algorithm, in conjunction with other applications, to boost networking.

Discover how the PairConnex algorithm facilitated winning business connections among more than 300 tech professionals.

PairConnex recommends relevant, winning matches

By leveraging the highly adaptive digital matchmaking tool, AQT created a networking win for everyone. In a way, PairConnex serves as a professional meeting generator, offering relevant, customized connections for each participant.

With its matchmaking questionnaire, tailored recommendations, compatibility descriptions, and scheduling tool, PairConnex generates exciting business opportunities for countless professionals.

Exceptional matchmaking in six easy steps

PairConnex’s approach during the 2019 Big Bang event unfolded in 6 steps:

  1. To start, each participant received a survey with 15 targeted questions to gauge their specific networking needs. Since the algorithm linked each participant’s profile to the AQT site, the tool made pertinent information automatically available on the questionnaires.
  2. Recommendations were then generated based on responses as well as each participant’s profile, preferences, networking objectives, and event expectations.
  3. The participants could then consult profile recommendations made by the algorithm. Each of these suggestions included the participant’s contact information as well as a detailed explanation outlining why the match matters.
  4. Participants also received a graph highlighting the relevance of each match according to 4 axes: A customer axis, A potential supplier axis, A potential customer axis, A business partner axis;
  5. Using the scheduling tool, participants could then request an appointment with a suggested match via SMS. Once received, the request could be accepted, declined, or rescheduled based on the needs of the recipient.
  6. When confirmed, the appointment was automatically added to an integrated calendar.

The matchmaking proved so successful that AQT gave members access to meeting recommendations for one month following the event.

The numbers don’t lie!

The collaboration between PairConnex and AQT yielded tangible networking results during the 2019 Big Bang.

During these 2 days:

  • 296 accounts created
  • 72.5% of participants completed the matchmaking questionnaire
  • 128 meeting requests sent via the platform
  • 70 professional meetings took place

PairConnex at the 2019 Big Bang: rethinking event matchmaking

Part of the reason why PairConnex’s matchmaking algorithm is so successful is that the platform explains why these meetings are relevant to attendees. By accounting for the needs and expectations of participants, the tool allows them to weigh results.

In other words, when participants receive match recommendations, they automatically know what to expect from one another. With its two-way recommendations, PairConnex promotes partnerships that remain fruitful long after the event’s over.

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