Face-to-face events

Use PairConnex to improve the networking experience for your participants.

As an organizer, you can plan quality meetings for your participants in advance, or provide them with a complete web application including a personalized agenda for all aspects of the activity , a list of participants ranked in order of meeting recommendation, a meeting module and several other features.


Virtual events

The ideal tool to create an original and varied experience for an unforgettable virtual event.

Create a personalized agenda for each participant with a wide variety of activities: plenary lectures, parallel workshops, speednetworking, free networking, virtual kiosks, meeting rooms, co-development activities, groups discussion, etc.


Hybrid events

Organize events where on-site participants meet remote participants.

Thanks to the customizable agenda, participants can be directed to physical locations or virtual rooms to attend the different parts of the event. Even networking can be done in a hybrid way!


Continuous platforms

To create a continuous environment of networking, exchanges and activities, the PairConnex platform is a tool of choice!

Ideal for animating a virtual community of participants without being limited by the constraints of the schedule of an event. Your membership directory will finally be up to today's technology!

Our specialty: creating the best connections

Our solution is based on an intelligent matchmaking algorithm that evaluates compatibility and complementarity between people, to create win-win relationships.