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The current crisis forces us to reinvent our ways of gathering, communicating and exchanging. PairConnex helps you to continue your operations in this new context:

  • Transform your physical events into virtual events;
  • Keep your members engaged by offering them a digital community;
  • Continue networking thanks to the recommendations of virtual meetings;
  • Stimulate solidarity through discussion groups by videoconference;
  • Promote mutual aid thanks to our targeted matching algorithms;

Our advisers can help you find solutions that suit your situation and your budget. You can contact us at 514 419-3555 or vasb@cnvepbaark.pbz

For Event Planners

You wish to plan memorable events where encounters lead to fruitful and efficient collaborations with the right set of people.

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For Professional/Trade Groups

You’d like to offer your members new value-added services, and you’re looking for new income streams to fund your group’s operations.

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To Automate Diagnostics and Assessment Surveys

You are a consulting professional looking to make their customers fill out surveys and diagnostic questionnaires.

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To Create a Customized Smart Matchmaking Project

You want to start a new smart matchmaking project. You’re looking for the matchmaking technology that will get your project off the ground.

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What Is Smart Matchmaking?

  • This matchmaking is usually done through computer algorithms, making a quick and easy process out of repetitive data processing.
  • Matchmaking can be a mere association of one element to another (pairing) or complex associations between many elements within a group (clustering).
  • Matches are usually made between people, but other things can be matched, such as businesses, products, objects, etc.
  • The key to smart matchmaking is the capacity to compile the right set of data to find a common ground to compare elements to each other.
  • You can also set filters on matchmaking to steer the results towards a desired target.

Smart Matchmaking Example

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