The easy way to automate your assessment, selection and matchmaking processes

Easily create a tool adapted to your needs and your expertise
Creation of questionnaires and forms
Evaluation and pairing algorithms
Automatic generation of customizable reports

Pairing people and Networking

Do you need to connect people according to their compatibility or complementarity? Creating pairs or groups based on specific criteria is often a cumbersome and complicated process to manage.

So why not automate all this work by creating your own matchmaking form?

  • Assessment of compatibility or complementarity
  • Creating pairs or groups
  • Breakdown of people according to individual availabilities
  • Speed-dating or speed-networking activities
  • Team division
  • Assignments of tasks according to the profile
  • Smart professional directories
  • Etc.

Diagnostic and decision support tools

For professionals who need to assess, analyze, and understand the profile of their clientele, it is often complex to make quick diagnoses with personalized recommendations.

Yet, it's easy to automate this process by creating your own diagnostic and decision-support tool, based on compatibility with target profiles.

  • Qualification of needs
  • Automated recommendations
  • Decision support
  • Selection of the best options
  • Diagnosis of characteristics
  • Evaluation of typical profiles
  • Etc.

Recruitment and HR

The tools on the market are often not very flexible and not adapted to your needs. Yet, you are the person best placed to know the real needs of your business.

So why not easily create your own recruitment and HR diagnostic tools?

  • Pre-employment assessment questionnaires
  • Diagnosis of training needs
  • Team mobilization and synergy
  • Mentoring match
  • Etc.

Evaluations and tests

Do you need to create an online test or evaluation?

So why not automate the correction of this test using a smart questionnaire?

  • School tests
  • Knowledge assessment
  • Training
  • Exams
  • Etc.

Simple Process in 4 Steps

As soon as you have to choose from several options or assemble pairs or groups, our tools can be useful. Our solutions will help you automate and optimize the ideal combination choice, saving you time and money! Everything is done in 4 easy steps:


Define Criterias

Identify the criteria to be evaluated to create winning combinations


Create a questionnaire

Create an evaluation questionnaire from our easy-to-use editor



Share the questionnaire with your potential respondents


Report Analysis

Discover the results in your dashboard!

Our Products


Recruitment tool that measures the potential compatibility between a job seeker and an employer.


Tool marketed by Totem Organizational Performance that measures the potential compatibility between a franchisor and its current or potential franchisees.

Business Clans

Networking concept in partnership with the Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal where business people are divided into groups of 15 to 20 people according to the compatibility of their profile, their interests and their availability.

Research Project on the Integration of Newcomers

In partnership with Maisonneuve College's Institute for Research on the Professional Integration of Immigrants, development of a diagnostic tool that will measure the potential of a person's integration into a work team, in consideration of his cultural background.


PairConnex as Software as a service (SaaS)

Do you want to develop your own intelligent and automated matchmaking tool? Our technology is easily adaptable and customizable to your needs to help you improve efficiency and lower your costs!

Our Company

Founded in 2013, our company first developed and marketed a recruitment tool called ComparJobs. This tool measures the compatibility between a job seeker and an employer.

At the request of a partner interested in our concept, in 2016 we adapted our technology, our questionnaires and our algorithms to develop FlagFranchise, a tool that measures the compatibility between a franchisor and a franchisee. This tool is now marketed in Canada, the United States, Mexico and Europe.

We then collaborated with the largest business network in Quebec, the Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal, for the development of Business Clans, a concept of innovative networking activities where participants are paired in small groups through an assessment of their profile and interests.

PairConnex is currently working on several new products that will be launched shortly. In particular, we are working on a tool for the employability of newcomers in collaboration with the Institute for Research on the Professional Integration of Immigrants.

Finally, a 100% customizable version of our tool will soon be available, in SaaS version, to allow everyone to develop their own smart matchmaking questionnaires.

Management Team

Guillaume Fortin

Guillaume Fortin

President and founder

Cedric Quenin

Cedric Quenin

Chief Technology Officer

Pierre Albert Jean

Pierre Albert Jean

Advisor and Director